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Sk (sklang) is a high-level, interpreted programming language written in Go.

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The website you're using now is open source! Check it out (and maybe contribute?)

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A library for JavaScript developers that comes with a wide range of developer utilities.

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A library for Go developers that comes with similar utilities to jvar.

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Programming Languages

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I've been using Node.js since I started programming around the end of 2017. I've built many, many projects, including Discord bots, web servers like this website, chat applications, and quite a few desktop utilities with it. JavaScript is an easy language to learn, and the community is huge, which is just one of the many reasons I enjoy using it. (No, I don't use TypeScript.)

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I first looked into learning Java about a year into programming, and I started using it as a step up from Node.js (being a statically typed language and all). I wrote some basic Minecraft plugins and a few desktop utilities, but I'm not currently using Java for any of my current projects. I enjoy writing it, but I don't have a use for it right now.

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I've been using Go for close to a year now and I've committed to using it for many different projects that benefit from its concurrency and language features, as well as just how simple it is to build for any system. I'm currently using Go for most of my personal services, including notification and cronjob services, among other projects. I'm really enjoying Go, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to learn a statically-typed but simple language

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